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Research Bytes Podcast

Dec 14, 2020

In 1895, the Swedish chemist, Alfred Nobel, established the Nobel Prizes. The award is presented annually to exemplars in the fields of Medicine & Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Economic Sciences, Peace and Literature. Each recipient receives a gold medal, a diploma and a sum of money decided by the Nobel Foundation. Some of the past recipients from India include Rabindranath Tagore, CV Raman, and Amartya Sen.

This year, the Prizes were announced in October. Eleven pioneers and one organisation from across the world were recognised for their contributions.

Let’s hear from Aishwarya and Debdutta about the contributions of the Physics Laureates in episode three of our Nobel Prize 2020 podcast. 


Host: Aishwarya Viswamitra and দেবদত্ত পাল। Debdutta Paul

Editor: Ananya


Jingles: Ramya Badrinath

Audio Editing: Aishwarya Viswamitra