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Research Bytes Podcast

Nov 10, 2019

Aishwarya Viswamitra takes you through a weekly roundup of stories that have appeared on the Research Matters website between November 4th and November 9th, 2019. 

Script - Spoorthy Raman and Aishwarya Viswamitra

Music, Jingles and Editing - Ramya Badrinath 

Nov 8, 2019

In this episode, host Aishwarya Viswamitra talks to Dr. N.G.Prasad, Evolutionary biology laboratory, Dept. of Biological Sciences, IISER Mohali.

Music, Jingle and Audio editing - Ramya Badrinath

Image - Drosophila - Safvan P, Infographic - Ramya Badrinath 

Nov 4, 2019

Listen to Research Bytes podcast where host Aishwarya Viswamitra, who takes you through the stories that have appeared on Research Matters last week. 

Oct 22, 2019

Nobel Prize Winners 2019

Hosts - Aishwarya Viswamitra and Vimal Simha

Script - Vimal Simha and Aishwarya Viswamitra

Jingles, Music, Audio mixing and editing - Ramya Badrinath


Oct 18, 2019

Heat wave is a period of excessively hot weather or abnormally high temperatures caused when a system of high atmospheric pressure moves into a particular area, where in air from the high pressure system is pulled towards the ground, gets compressed and increases in temperature. This could last for two to three days and...